Here’s a poem by my lil sis on the foremost female hostel 4 Obafemi Awolowo University freshers,hope it makes a nice read.                



 Whr d grasses make u feel like u’r in a cornfield

And d disarray of buckets give u d feeling of a battlefied

Gbabe, we’r nt d descendants of Scoffield

but we go surely breakout of moz

we dnt need d wizard of Oz


whr d constant power supply still leaves d BUTTERY witout cold drinks

And u feel like u shud batter dem wen dey say ” NO cHANGE” buh itz all in my drims


whr derz d lingering smell of GUTTER in d air

And i wonder Y life is so unfair

buh den dis is jx a stage

And i wish i cud turn dis page

But dis are nt d words of a sage


whr der is alweiz a rush 4 water

even wen ders a full tank and i wonder 

why dey continue 2 hoard it

Y are dis people so selfish and greedy?

Den u rememba dey comprise of people 4rm IB, ABUJA and LASGIDI


whr dem pretty girls still shot Put

And dey cum out d next minute nd form TUSH

WherE u wash and hang ur clothes on d LINE

And hours later ur amazement cannot be defined

Damn! dia hands are truly DIVINE

Their hands are swift and dey go forward without rewind

       Yea dats MOZambique QUEENS

 To stay awake and fetch water we no need caffeine

buh we still give our clothes to SE N FO SO to dry clean

   MOZambique QUEENS, cash machines

 But we no fit buy jelly beans

we so lean and mean

but we fit burst ur spleen wit our mouth



             Hay_ch M


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