’13 Playoffs Prognosis (2)

This is a sequel to the article of yesterday. My thoughts on the Western Conference are duly outlined.

First Round
The seed of each team is put in parenthesis. The match-ups are: Oklahoma City Thunder(1) vs Houston Rockets(8), San Antonio Spurs(2) vs Los Angeles Lakers(7), Denver Nuggets(3) vs Golden State Warriors(6) & Los Angeles Clippers(4) vs Memphis Grizzlies(5).
Thunder-Rockets: The bearded man against his former team in the playoffs immediately after the trade,what a way to start his post-Thunder career!OKC has fared well in his absence,adapting so well & look good enough to make a deep post-season run. Thunder win this in 5. MVP would be Kevin Durant & Westbrook as co-MVP. I see Harden averaging 20+ points in each game,also.
Spurs-Lakers: I don’t care about all the talk of resurgent “twin towers” in Pau Gasol & Dwight Howard. A Kobe-less Lakers loses this series in 5 games comfortably. MVP would be Tim Duncan & X-factor Kawhi Leonard.
Nuggets-Warriors: These are 2 teams that excelled beyond measure in the regular season. And when you lose only 3 games @ home,I don’t see you losing any series you have home court advantage. Nuggets in 6. Ty Lawson for MVP & Andre Miller as X-factor. Expect spectacles from Stephen Curry & David Lee though.
Clippers-Grizzlies: This is the match-up of the West in the 1st round. A repeat of last year’s fixture & that took 7 games to settle. This time I think CP3 and his men do this in 6. They’ve become a much more better team since the series of last year. MVP would be CP3 and X-factor would be Jamal Crawford. I look forward to the menacing Grizzlies duo of Z.Bo & Marc Gasol doing their thing,also. 
Second Round
From the above,we should have the following Semi-Final fixtures:
Thunder-Clippers: Scott Brooks’ men would take this in 5. Yes,5!
Spurs-Nuggets: Tough one but I go with the Nuggets in 6.
Conference Final
Thunder-Nuggets: Mouth-watering, high-octane, fever-pitched duel this would be. I pick the Thunder in 7.
  So these are my thoughts on the different series in the West,we await to see how this plays out! 

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