The Feminine Constitution

I guess constitutions are compiled/arranged by legal luminaries;a group of experienced judicial practitioners who have garnered wisdom & dexterity over time. So for me to write any kind of constitution,I should have experience too. But sorry to disappoint those with such thoughts because I write this piece strictly on inspiration. I’m too young to know “so much” about women but I’m also “too old” not to know “the basics” of these great humans. What I write about in the next few paragraphs is just a reel of qualities every female is expected to have as a representation of her gender.

According to this constitution in Section 1 Sub-Section 1,Paragraph 2,every female should be courteous. Rudeness & rashness are qualities that should not be associated with the women folk for any reason. Yes,it is known that the female folks are the subject of advances & admiration which makes them liable to such from a diverse group of males who may differ in their modes of approaches. But the onus still lies on the lady to turn down & distance herself from the wrong bunch nicely & kindly in such a way those that are victims of her decline forever respect her.
   Next is every female should look good @ all times,especially when she isn’t in the comfort of her abode. The moment she leaves her immediate abode,she is suppose to look good,attractive and/or breathtaking. Looking good for a woman isn’t restricted to occasions,it is a lifestyle,a state of mind & a necessity!
   Paragraph 4 states that every female MUST know how to cook good meals;a variety of delicacies. The fact that we happen to be in a generation where a lot of females take pride in knowing how to cook ONLY noodles & also have it as their best food makes one sad. These females get turned off by the kitchen & struggle with males in queues of cafeterias. This is a great violation of this section of the constitution.
   The last content of the constitution I had throw light on is every female is required to be pious. A lot of the time it is the prayers of wives and mothers that keep the home front & kids going. Piety is the hallmark of a virtuous woman. She uses the spiritual to settle the physical.
  It is definitely an inexhaustible list,feel free to add to this Constitution. The women folks play highly pivotal role in our lives that’s why we esteem them highly and desire they are on top of their games @ all times. So to every female, thou shall not violate these laws in the Constitution!Cheers!

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