’13 Playoffs Prognosis

I always love to drop my thoughts before any of the series begins. It’s a task of calculation,analysis,fun & precedence. Written for the glory of the game that brings us so much joy & drama.

The Prognosis

This part 1 is for the Eastern Conference. The seed of each team is in parenthesis. The first round match ups are as follows: Miami Heat(1) vs Milwaukee Bucks(8), New York Knicks(2) vs Boston Celtics(7), Indiana Pacers(3) vs Atlanta Hawks(6) & Brooklyn Nets(4) vs Chicago Bulls(5).

Heat-Bucks: The Heat had a league-best 66 Wins & have home-court advantage through out the playoffs. They also have the league’s MVP-elect & a veteran team. That’s a Championship team right there! Brandon Jennings,Monta Ellis,Henson & co have a tall task here to pull an offset. An offset in this case is avoid being swept! The Heat take this one in 4,series MVP would be Lebron & X-factor would be Bosh•

Knicks-Celtics: For me,this is the match up of the first round! Atlantic division rivals going head-to-head. You can never write off Doc Rivers & the duo of The Truth & KG but the fact is this present Knicks team has its eyes on something big. They got the scoring title champ,6th man of the year-elect & a coach whose name came up in the COY talks. So on paper,in reality & gut feeling,I see the Madison Square Garden lords come out on top this year. 6-game series;Knicks do the job. Melo for series MVP & JR Smith as X-factor•

Pacers-Hawks: This is another good match up.2 teams that could have had higher seeds;Pacers for 2nd & Hawks for 5th. But after all said & done,a Paul George & David West header against Al Horford & Josh Smith is mouth-watering. It’s gonna be about defence but it had still be an interesting series. I pick the Pacers in 6. George & West,the players to look out for for worthy honours•

Nets-Bulls: They moved to a new city cum arena,got a new name,hired a new coach early in the season & the Brooklyn Nets feel good about themselves. The Bulls have been my team of the season. They’ve adjusted to different forms of adversity & are in the playoffs to do exploits. I see Thibodeau’s boys nicking this in 6 games.X-factor would be Nate Robinson & MVP Carlos Boozer•

Second Round

From the above,we should have these semi-final games:

Heat-Pacers: This is where the playoffs start for the Heat. They take this in 7•

Knicks-Bulls: The relentless Bulls would ouster the Knicks in 6•

Conference Final

Heat-Bulls: yes,the Bulls are D.Rose-LESS but I had go with them to take this in 6•

So,an outlined recap here»»»Heat-Bucks: 4-2• Knicks-Celtics: 4-2• Pacers-Hawks: 4-2• Nets-Bulls:2-4• Heat-Pacer:4-3• Knicks-Bulls:2-4• Heat-Bulls:2-4•

Let’s see how it goes,the playoffs never follows a definite script. It loves to direct its events itself & with so many surprises. So we look forward to just that this year.


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