Power of Example


We are very familiar with the words-”lead by example”, but the truth is whether you are a leader, a follower or just an “observer” (not leading, not following), exemplary living takes you to your dream. What is it about being an example or living by example that makes it have any power of sort? Are there lessons to follow and blessings to see grow as one lives by example? Great questions and we would learn their great answers also.
  From the leader’s perspective, the exemplary way of doing things and living sustains his position. It defines his ability to perform and subtly coerces his followers to do same. There is a popular saying about children-“they are willing to do what they see than obey what they hear”- and I think this also applies to the leader-follower relationship not just the parent-child one. It is therefore right to say living by example is contagious, religious and audacious. Each of these three adjectives aptly defines the exemplary life. The reason you do not see any qualm in kneeling to serve as your leader has done is because of its infectious or contagious nature. Because of the contact you have maintained with your leader, his examples are your buckles (making your actions tight and right). Contagious? Definitely so but religious? I don’t see that you may say.
  When exemplary living is said to be religious, it means it is passioned, ordered and celebrated. Religion is about having passion for that Being you worship, having doctrines and instructions meant to instill order and ultimately hope of always celebrating (one victory or the other). Living by example also has the big three in the sense that it injects you with passion; to always abide by right and instituted order for desired consummate celebration, audacity; has to do with boldness, braveness, fearlessness et cetera and boldness and fearlessness-this helps you at times when it just seems alright to deviate or compromise, keeping you principled and following right order.
  We have learnt the power of example from the leader’s perspective, it is also important you see it from the other side of the divide. There are more followers than leaders, so I believe this perspective is greatly important as it affects most of us. Why must the follower also live by example, whether the leader is doing so or not? So many reasons abound but we will look at only a few.
  The first and most important reason for me is that it is a display of responsibility. When a follower decides to live by example, he is showing he is responsible and in effect, pressurizes the leader to become and/or remain responsible by being an example also. Every time you do what is right no matter how strenuous it is on you because of your decision to be an example, it is an offering of sacrifice that brings success faster. Whenever the follower sees it as a burden to be exemplary, the work is done quicker and success is faster and mastered. Last among the reasons I would be sharing is that it builds followers that will become leaders tomorrow. It just doesn’t groom you to become a potential leader tomorrow but an eventual capable leader.
  If you have not been living by example, preferring to take the mediocre stand of eye-service, obstinacy or non-chalance, it is time to change and watch yourself leap to the peak. Always remember below is too crowded, there’s more than enough room at the top; see you there-the apogee!  

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